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Policies, Terms and Conditions:


What is stated in these regulations and on the entire website applies equally to members of both sexes, and the use of masculine pronouns is for convenience only. The website is a website on the Internet, which runs a virtual store, and offers its customers information and sales of various products.

Terms of use of the site - purchase of services and receipt of information

Any purchaser of services and / or intends to purchase and / or receive information through the website and / or anyone who surfs the website and participates in the activity offered through declares and undertakes that he has read the regulations and agrees to its instructions.

Anyone over the age of 18 who holds a valid credit card issued in Israel or a corporation registered in Israel may purchase on the site.

The Buyer's order for services will be accepted provided that all of the following conditions are met: (1) approval is given for the transaction from the Buyer's credit company; (2) the requested products are in stock; (3) The address where the service is to be provided is on the company's distribution map, if due to exceptional circumstances that could not be expected at the time of ordering the product is out of stock and the products cannot be delivered, the consumer will be notified within three business days.

Services and prices policy and ordering

The site offers items accompanied by photos, the photos are for illustration only, next to each item is shown its price in shekels, a user of the site can add any item to the shopping cart after being impressed by it and its price, the user can change quantities, add and subtract items from the shopping cart at any time. To the fund for its approval and to fill in the requested details.

Product Return Policy / Cancellation of Orders

Products will be returned up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, provided that the product packaging has not been opened or damaged, the product has not been used and is in completely normal condition and in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations 2010.

It is not possible to return a product whose packaging has been opened or used, the products sold on this site are mostly for oral use (smoking) and therefore products cannot be returned after opening and / or when the products were purchased in the form of "spare parts" so open and without packaging. Refillable fluid cannot be returned.

By prior arrangement, the product must be sent to the company's offices, after inspecting the product, the customer will be deducted a cancellation fee of 5% of the price of the goods or NIS 100, whichever is lower.

Refunds will be possible by the same means in which the payment for the goods was made and / or by credit card credit / bank transfer.

Cancellation of an order that has been paid for and has not yet been sent - the customer will be deducted a cancellation fee at the rate of 5% of the price of the goods or NIS 100, whichever is lower.

Warranty Exercise Policy

Product warranty will be applied according to the registered on the product page, if you have a product with a damaged warranty we will replace it with a new one or repaired without any additional consideration, the product must be sent by prior arrangement to the company offices and after testing the product Return to customer, correct and / or new replacement product, atomizers without warranty (initial use only).

The warranty will not apply in the event of physical damage, moisture, short circuit or improper use of the product or poor self-assembly by the customer at the importer's discretion. In any case there is no warranty on consumables.

In any case, the shipping expenses to and from the company's warehouse apply to the customer.

Product packaging

Following the Advertising Prohibition Law and the Restriction of the Marketing of Tobacco and Smoking Products that came into force in January 2020, the product packaging will be in brown packaging with a warning as required by law and without the main colored packaging

Shipping and delivery

Delivery time is according to working days that do not include Fridays and Saturdays and Israeli holidays.

The average delivery time is 2-7 days, the delivery is made through Chita (Express or Distribution Point).

When ordering the customer has the option to choose delivery by express post or distribution points of citation stores.

If the product has not reached you within 7 business days, please bring this to our attention for an immediate examination of the issue.

Cancellation of a transaction by the company

The company reserves the right to cancel a transaction if the following conditions are met: In the event that any error or human error is found in the product definition, in its details, price or any detail in the product advertising.

The Company at its sole discretion, has identified a purchaser as a prohibited customer who is not a private customer or a customer who does not meet the terms of the site.

In case the site or the company management will not approve a deal with a particular surfer.

Payment for the services

Payment is made by credit card. The credit card information is transmitted through a secure server when it is encrypted, if the user still chooses not to provide the credit card information, a service representative can be contacted by phone to provide the credit card information.

Terms of use of the site's products

The use of the site's products is the sole responsibility of the user. The company removes any responsibility or liability for any risk that may be caused by the use of the site and its products, the responsibility rests solely with the user. The company, its officers, shareholders, employees, or anyone acting on its behalf, will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental damages resulting from a user entering the site and using the products offered on the site. The user is warned that use of the site Years.

Details of the purchaser of the services and security of the site

When placing an order to purchase services through the site, the buyer will be required to enter personal information, order details, credit card details, etc., the site owners and / or who its operators and / or who on their behalf are not responsible for the mistake made by the buyer when typing The details. In addition, the above will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any case in which the purchase details will not be received in the system and / or for any technical and / or other problem that prevents operations on the site.

Typing false details is a criminal offense. Legal submissions and legal proceedings will be instituted against submitters of false details, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to the site and / or to the company's owners and / or to any of its operators and / or to any of its managers and / or on their behalf. In the event of incorrect typing of details (including the personal details of the buyer), the company and / or anyone on its behalf reserves the right to reject the offer. Details of the operation on the website, including the details of the offer