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"Green-Smoking" company founded from desire to help all smokers to quit smoking and to protect their health and their closer people's health around them. As a former smoker I am aware of all the terrible things related to Tabaco cigarette smoking and my goal is to assist, serve and advice you in the process of quitting smoking by using Green Smoking electronic cigarette.
Smoking tobacco cigarettes made ​​people pleasure but also caused serious and irreversible damage, today you can continue enjoying "smoking" and to get most of the regular cigarette effects with Green Smoking electronic cigarette, but without causing health damage to yourself or others!

Using Electronic cigarette you're not only cares your health but also save a lot of money!

The main purpose of "Green-Smoking" is to deliver the knowledge to our customers and the public on the benefits of electronic cigarettes versus regular cigarettes.
Our products are the latest and most advanced in the market and markets all over the world.

To fully understand and learn about our products and their use you should visit the FAQ and Articles section which are updated frequently.

Green Smoking Team will do everything to make you satisfied with the product and service, and we are confident that after a short adjustment to our products, you will never go back to tobacco cigarettes.

We will be happy to answer any questions or requests.

Tel: 079-5555-401

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