YIHI SX Mini MX Class Color screen BT

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YIHI SX Mini MX Class Color screen BT – אינו כולל סוללה (נדרש אחת)

The SX Mini Box MX Class is an Electronic Mod with a simple 18650 battery with an output power of 75 Watts. With the SX Mini MX Class Box, Yihi proposes a sleek design, pertinent and bold. The SX Mini MX Class is dotted with a joystick to control the display menu with the superb TFT Screen which is colour. Entirely customizable by USB, the MX Class is also configurable by the Bluetooth connection and Android/IOS connection. The SX Mini MX Class is equipped with a new Yihi Chipset SX480J-BT. 

The SX mini MX Class is made by Yihi.


Powered by the SX350J-BT Chip
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
Single battery 75 W regulated | 85 W in bypass mode (direct connection mode allows your device to become a mechanical mod).
Output Voltage: 1.0 – 9.5 Volts.
Resistance: 0.15 ohm – 3.0 ohm (Power mode).
Taste modes: Powerful+ | Powerful | Standard | Soft | SXQ-S1~S5
Buck-Boost&Boost | DC-DC Converter.
Stainless steel & high-quality zinc alloy.
Built in safety protections

Kit Contents:

1 x SXmini MX Class Mod
1 x Micro-USB Charging Cord
1 x Manual and Warranty Information


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