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VGOD Vape like a PRO CARRY CASE – נרתיק נשיאה קשיח לאביזרי וייפ

The VGOD Carry Case is a customized durable hard case designed with strong black nylon material to accommodate and protect your favorite vape supplies while you are on the go. It has a simplistic design with a red 3D VGOD emblem stitched onto the right corner of the case and a sturdy red VGOD emblem pull tab linked to the zipper to make unzipping easy. The VGOD Carry Case opens wide displaying two sides, one with netting and the other with elastic straps to organize your vape gear as you see fit. It is 7.8” x 5.1” x 2.3”, which makes this carry case large enough to carry your mod, multiple bottles of e-juice, atomizers, extra batteries, or any other accessories.


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  • קוד מוצר: VGOD Vape like a PRO CARRY CASE
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