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Storz & Bickel | Dosing Capsule 40-Pack | For Crafty & Mighty – 40 קפסולות מילוי ריקות

Storz & Bickel introduces their new dosing capsules. This 40 pack gives you the freedom and luxury to not have to clean them out as often. You are able to store you dry in herbs in the capsules and take them on the go with you.

These capsules work for the Mighty vaporizer, Crafty vaporizer, and it works with the Plenty and either the Classic or Digit Volcano vaporizer using the chamber reducer.

What is the purpose of the dosing capsules?

There are several reasons to use the dosing capsules for your device. First being that they will keep your unit cleaner and require less brushing after each use. You can re-use the capsules. They can fit inside the dosing capsules key chain which holds 4 capsules, and also the dosing capsules magazine which holds 8 capsules. They are perfect for on the go since you can have them pre-packed.

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