Craze Trio SaltNic 20MG - Honeydew Apple Berry 60ML

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Craze Trio SaltNic 20MG - Honeydew Apple Berry 60ML – תפוח , פטל אדום , מלון

Are you ready for the most refreshing inhale of the summer?! Honeydew Apple Berry Trio combines the magic of the garden and the warmness of summer for a vape juice that is selfishly satisfying. There a different kind of experience to be explored when vaping to this. It's not just the clouds but also the authentic deliciousness of fruit that gets to be experienced. The fresh sweet-smelling fruit, with a perfect blend of honeydew melon, is mixed with a fountain of crisp apples then doused heavily with the summery deliciousness of freshly picked berries. Are you looking for a sweet sugary flavor that’s not over the top? Honeydew Apple Berry Trio is a MUST TRY!!! Every single inhale is packed with a complete combination of all three freshly picked flavors!!

Made in : USA

Size: 60ml

Ratio: 50VG/50PG


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SALT Nicotine
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