NASTY Cush Man - Mango Strawberry 60ml

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NASTY Cush Man - Mango Strawberry 60ml (Low Mint)

The Cush Man E juice Line by Nasty Juice will wow your senses with this Real Mango Strawberry vape flavor. So authentic in flavor, you can practically taste the pulp in Cush Man Real Mango Strawberry (Low Mint) e juice. Prepare yourself to be blown away when you inhale this glorious Mango Strawberry vape with the slightest hint of menthol to enhance the flavor. Just a refreshingly light touch of menthol brightens the delicious fresh fruit taste. Cush Man Mango Strawberry by Nasty Juice will take your taste buds to vaping Nirvana! This delicious full flavored e juice is sure to please and has no artificial aftertaste. If we had to sum up Cush Man Real Mango Strawberry e juice in one word... OUTSTANDING! This is a "Must Try" Flavor! for every vaping connoisseur. Packaging may differ from picture due to manufacturer packaging changes, but every package has an authenticity seal.




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