Craze Trio SaltNic 20MG - Honeydew Apple Berry ICED 60ML

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Craze Trio SaltNic 20MG - Honeydew Apple Berry ICED 60ML –  מנטה , תפוח , פטל אדום , מלון 

Get that satisfaction that you deserve with this fruit blend that is going to light up your life with its delicious essence. This juice has got so much bold flavor packed into it that you are immediately going to be taken back as soon as you taste it. How were they able to pack so much flavor into one little bottle? What's really striking about this juice is the fact that it is able to give you all of this with an authentic flavor that is going to put your mind into a tizzy. They are somehow able to add so much realisticness into this blend without having to make any sacrifices what so ever. If you are the kind of person who gravitates towards more fresh kinds of blends, you are going to have to put this new juice on your to try list and see for yourself just what it is able to accomplish. It's got so many highly detailed aspects that are thrown into the mix that you can vape it over and over again without ever finding yourself growing bored of it. This is just one of those powerful selections that is going to keep on being vaped and make its mark in any collection that it's added into. Trio E Liquid is a brand that specialized in making fruit flavors that give you so much invigoration and joy with their creative combinations and impeccable quality. Honeydew Apple Berry Iced throws together succulent, refreshing honeydew melon with crisp, juicy apples, a mixture of bold, ripe berries and a dash of menthol that brightens everything up and gives you a more cooling effect that will make it so effective. 

Made in : USA

Size: 60ml

Ratio: 50VG/50PG


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